Congrats to the 2018-2019 Award Winners

Karla Richey Sportsmanship Award: Delilah Oerlline

Delilah portrays a true sportswomen on and off the lanes. She is a sweet and kindhearted person; that always greets you first with a warm smile that is genuine and true. Delilah has been the secretary on the Football Widows League for almost 20 years, she is always the first to ask questions, encourage bowlers to bowl, ask someone how there day is, ask about their kids, their grandkids, etc. Even when Delilah is struggling with her own game, others around her would never know. She might say shoot, or darn, but shakes it off and turns that smile back on and goes about business. Delilah has worked and bowled at Meadowood Lanes for many years. Dave and Delilah have been married for 45 years. They have 2 daughters and 2 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, 2 son-in-laws. 11 grandkids, and 5 great grandkids.

Ben Gerry Sportsmanship Award: Brett Foreman

Brett is a person who cares more about the people around him than himself. He cares more about games or series others bowl instead of his own achievements. He encourages, takes time to talk with local adult and youth bowlers demonstrating what a teammate should and/or shouldn’t do. Watching Brett care more about his neighbors, speaks volumes especially this day and age we live in. Brett has also been coaching for 17+ years expressing his care for others. As a coach, his example of sportsmanship sets the bar high for the young bowlers. Brett is not only caring on the lanes but off the lanes as well. He would do anything for you at the drop of a hat.

Pioneer Award: Rae Muser

Rae began bowling in the 1960’s. She has bowled with her husband, son (wife), daughter (husband) and granddaughters on mixed and women’s leagues at Meadowood and Robbinsdale. She has participated in many City, State and National Tournaments over the years. Rae is and has been secretary of the leagues she bowls on for many years. She is a past RCUSBC board member and has assisted with many Rapid City tournaments. Over the years she has enjoyed bowling and meeting her extended bowling family.

Women's Meritorious Service: Amy Meyer

Amy has been a member of the RCUSBC for the last 21 years with 17 of them as secretary of her respective leagues. She served one term on the board as a director assisting with lane monitoring and other board tasks. She has volunteered at the local garden for the last 3 years, coached the youth, and been a youth secretary. She has participated in 16 Women's City Tournaments and 5 Women's State Tournaments. She currently assists with the workshop and is secretary of an Adult-youth league at Meadowood Lanes.

Men's Meritorious Service: Del Ashlock

Del began bowling at the age of 23 and also worked at the bowling centers he bowled. Del continually practiced and watched the Professionals to improve his game. Del has been a RCUSBC member since 1969. He was awarded the Ben Gerry Sportsmanship award in 1999-2000 and inducted into the RCUSBC Hall of Fame in 2005. He has participated in RCUSBC City Tournaments for 46 years, State Tournaments for 30+ years and National Open Tournaments for 25-years. Del was awarded Rapid City Outstanding Sports Achievement Award from the Chamber of Commerce in 1976. Del has competed in many tournaments in Rapid City and around the United States as an Air Force Member.

Women's Superior Performance: Deidre Ross

Deidre began bowling at the age of 4 and has been bowling in Rapid City for 17+ years obtaining an average at or above 190 for 10 of those years. She has a high series of 785 and a high game of 299 (2) along with many 700 3-game series. Deidre has a current and career high average of 214. She has placed in the top 10 of the Women's City Championship for the past 11 years with Singles Handicap and Scratch titles (2), All Events Scratch and Handicap titles (3), Doubles Scratch and Handicap titles (2), and Handicap Team title (1). She has also participated in many City Open Championships placing in the top 10 in Handicap and Scratch Doubles and Singles events 5-times. She has bowled in City, State and National bowling Tournaments. In 2019, she took 1st place at the Mixed State Tournament with her cousin Thane Lees. Also in 2019, she placed 1st in the Scotch Doubles Tournament at Meadowood and Harley Davidson Mixed Doubles Tournament at Robbinsdale with Dave Lowe. Diedre was also part of the 2018-2019 State Family of the Year and 2018-2019 RCUSBC Family of the Year.

Men's Superior Performance: Wade Juve

Wade has been bowling in Rapid City for 20+ years obtaining an average at or above 200 for these 20+ years. He has one 800 series (807), twelve (12) 300 games, one (1) 299 game, one (1) 298 game, 100+ 700 - 3-game series, 20 - 1,000 4-game series, and 100+ 900 - 4-game series. Wade has a career high average of 227 and currently averages 220. Wade has 20 City Championship titles, 10 League Championship titles, a Team State Scratch title, and a State Masters title. He has also been named Bowler of the Year in 2002-2003 season. Wade has also participated in 15 National Open Tournaments.

Family of the Year: Slusser/Lees/Ross

Debby Slusser, Craig Lees, and John Lees (Tammy), began the family bowling dynasty in Rapid City. Soon to follow are their children, Deidre Ross (Jesse), Kay Slusser, Thane Lees, and Ryne Lees (Sydney) and next, the grandchildren, Titan Ross, Denali Ross, Oakley Ross, Savanah Hogan, and soon to be Declan Hogan. The list of accomplishments (local, City and State Tournament titles and members of Rapid City and/or SD State Hall of Fame) and dedication to the sport of bowling (league officers, board officers, tournament directors, and coaches) to say the least is “WOW”.

Sponsor: Robbinsdale Lounge

Robbinsdale Lounge has sponsored local bowling since opening in 1976. Normally the lounge sponsors 6-8 teams every year including league fees, tournament fees, state tournament fees, trophies for leagues, team shirts, and other needs. The lounge has built a great relationship with these teams and local bowlers over the last 43 years. The lounge takes pride knowing these bowlers represent their business and Rapid City in a positive manner. In 1976, the lounge began sponsoring the weekly Sunday Sweeper Tournament held at Robbinsdale Lanes providing money along with a trophy for the end of the year Sweeper winner. Bowling is at the heart of this business and is exciting to be a part of the bowling family for so long. The lounge looks forward to the next 43 years of sponsoring local teams and bowlers.

2018-2019 Bowler's of the Year

  • Gary Scaggs (Men's 200 & above)
  • Brandyn Crawford (Women's 190 & above)
  • Clint Dunker (Men's 199 & below)
  • Heidi Ayers (Women's 189 & below)


  • Male High Average – Ted Staikoff – 219
  • Female High Average – Carole Marshall – 170
  • Male High Game – Clint Dunker – 300
  • Female High Game – Sue Schipman – 233
  • Male High Series – Clint Dunker – 777
  • Female High Series – Estelle Budd – 615
  • Male Pins Over Average Series – Clint Dunker (+183)
  • Female Pins Over Average Series – Estelle Budd (+129)
  • Male Pins Over Average Game – Ed Fye – 290 (+114)
  • Female Pins Over Average Game – Peggy Williams – 225 (+95)
  • Male Most Improved Average – Tom Wilson (+16)
  • Female Most Improved Average – Sue Schipman (+17)


  • Male High Average – Tyler Engel – 237
  • Female High Average – Brandyn Crawford – 219
  • Youth Male High Average – Drue Hutmacher – 201
  • Youth Female High Average – Katie Paris - 189
  • Male High Series – Delaine Peterson– 858
  • Female High Series – Brandyn Crawford – 775
  • Youth Male High Series – Drue Hutmacher – 792
  • Youth Female High Series – Katie Paris - 679
  • Female High Game – Brandyn Crawford – 299
  • Youth Male High Game – Drue Hutmacher – 279
  • Youth Female High Game – Katie Paris - 245


Joyce Kiefer – Robbinsdale Lanes
Golden Mixed Senior League & Robbinsdale Senior League

Amy Meyer – Meadowood Lanes
Tuesday Night Adult/Youth & Sunday Shooters

Congratulations to all the award winners!

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